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Hi, as now I can't find a Korean filter in the list of available filters. This is the only reason that keeping me recommending Adguard to other users! Other extensions offer several choices for Korean filters. I would recommend the paid version of Adguard eventually, but doing it at first is a bit off topic in many cases.

One can manually download the filter list and import it to the Adguard extension, but as there is no 'subscription by url' feature in extensions yet, one needs to refresh it sometimes, and these tasks are a bit tedious.

It would be much better, if some Korean filters are added as 'Other' filters (not 'Adguard filters' to be reviewed by Adguard staffs, nor 'EasyLists'). Some Korean filters currently available in other ad block extensions are: Korean Adblock List, Fanboy's Korean, Youslist. I can wait for Android as custom filter subscription is in its milestone :) but can't find a plan for Adguard extensions which would enable Korean filters. Do you have any plans for including Korean filter subscription?


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The list at the first link is outdated, but Fanboy's Korean must be fine. I created a task to add it:

Extension gets filters from the same base as Adguard for Windows does, so we will cover them both with this task.
Thank you for considering this!

However, I think Fanboy's Korean is the most outdated among those three. Here one can see that the last modification was made in 2015 Jan. (recent commits were mere rearrangement of rules)
Even in this thread in Easylist forum, a user reported an ad in a Korean website and fanboy replied with a link to Korean Adblock List. I guess that suggests something.

Also I think other two filter lists has an advantage that its maintainers can read Korean, so Korean users who will see ads in Korean websites the most can report issues more easily.

So If I have to use only one filter, that won't be Fanboy's Korean.

Maybe I should let those maintainers contact Adguard team first!
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It is there in the extension beta version. Release version with Korean filter is currently waiting for Apple review.