LastPass question


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I have adguard setup to NOT route LastPass traffic through it and I also have LastPass setup so I don't have to constantly login and I've also shut off battery optimization so Android isn't closing it.

However multiple times a day on my note 10+ Im being logged out of LastPass.

The timing of getting my note 10 also coincidentally occured when LastPass for Android had an update.

Is it possible that adguard is causing my LastPass (app) to log out which in turn makes it so auto fill doesn't work until I launch LastPass then log back in? I would assume the only way this to be possible is via cookies but since it's an app not a browser or browser plugin that doesn't make much sense.

I'm trying to cover all my bases figuring this issue out which is why I'm asking here as I want to rule it out as a possible culprit.

LastPass says they don't know anything about this but the phone itself has only been out for a couple weeks so reports would be low, especially if they only happen under certain circumstances.