Latest version on w10 stops browsing for me


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Adguard has worked very well for me, but now the latest version stops browsing all together (sometimes and after some minutes of use).
Haven't evaluated it very much yet, but definitely annoying so far.

After exiting Adguard the process doesn't stop and takes 16% CPU untill I kill the process.
Then browsing starts working again.

I use w10 1703 15063.540.
System is a i7 3770k/16GB/SSD/GTX1070.
Adguard is 6.2.390.2018

Any advice?


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What filters are you using? And any active userscripts?
Adguard: English, Spyware, Social media filter, Filter unblocking useful ads, Russian filter, German filter, Dutch filter
EasyList: EasyList Italy, Norsk adblockliste, Wiltteri
Other: Adblock Warning Removal List
Fanboy's Swedish

User Filter: just a few Swedish sites where I have disabled filtering.


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I'm experiencing the same issue on my system running Windows 10. Chrome hangs, Adguard CPU utilization spikes to 20% and stays that way until I kill it. If I disable Adguard before launching Chrome, browsing works as normal. This wasn't happening with the previous beta, and I updated to the new release last night. I'm running just the Adguard English filter list with nothing else.


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I can confirm the same on Win10 with Chrome. Never had this issue before and for me kills any internet connection until I kill all Adguard processes.


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signed up for this problem.

I can confirm this issue and exact behavior on 2 windows 10 machines. Latest beta 390. After start of chrome, adguard service starts consuming CPU time (around 20%) and chrome hangs. Same behavior also for other browsers.


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I uninstalled and reverted to the stable version for now. Do the devs require any additional information to debug or reproduce?


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Same here. The August beta completely breaks browsing on Windows 10. Rolled back to the July beta and everything works fine.

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Previous versions are here, you'll likely have to uninstall first.

I'm using Windows 10 here, and I haven't encountered any issues with the latest beta. The devs will probably need logs of this issue to see what's happening.

Just wondering, is it broken on just HTTPS sites? Does it work fine on plain HTTP sites? If it's just HTTPS sites, that *could* be related to the strong key exchange being used (looking at the release notes for a possible reason).


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It's not related to https, it's not working in general. After boot up and opening chrome for example, the ad guard service starts consuming 20% of CPU time and chrome isn't responding at all before it crashes. But this is also the case for other browsers. This only happens with beta 390. I tested on a german and english x64 windows 10 on two different machines with latest patch level.


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Works normally with July beta, as expected.
I'm also pretty sure that AdGuard August breaks even without opening any browsers.
I was seeing the issues with high CPU, process not dying when exiting Adguard and process starting (and breaking) even after killing it, directly after boot with no open browsers.

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Can you guys try switching the driver type, just for testing purposes and see if it's the driver that's the culprit?
I'm assuming since you guys are on Windows 10, you must be running WFP driver, switch to TDI and don't forget to restart the system.
Also it would help if you could mention the AVs/security programs that you are using.
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