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  1. Pentlands

    Pentlands Beta Tester

    Mar 11, 2014
    Adguard version 5.9.1080.5519

    Probably irrelevant to the software, but when i click on License>You can manage your license keys in your personal Adguard account

    I end up at and after logging in, Personal account>Licenses

    The date and time is wrong, at time of writing the time in the UK is 21:48 BST on 20th March 2014, i have two licenses and they are listing:

    PC1 <actual name withheld> Last synchronization 2014 Mar 21 at 00:10

    PC2 <actual name withheld> Last synchronization 2014 Mar 20 at 21:56

    Point being they can't have synchronized at those times as that would mean Adguard can see into the future!.. i know it's good, but surely not THAT good! ;)


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    As an aside, what does the "Unbind" function do?

    Does it mean licenses are transferable between devices, e.g. if i no longer need it on PC1 i can uninstall it on that device and do a fresh install on say PC3?
  2. rickyoh

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    Feb 3, 2012
    exactly right. so if you uninstall it on PC1 you'll go to your licence page and unbind the licence from the same, freeing it up for PC3.