LinkedIn registration screen


When viewing LinkedIn profile without logged in, then registration box pop-ups (5.jpg). Adguard Assistant can hide the box in preview mode but after the page has refreshed, then registration box returns. How to remove registration box and dark-grey background so I can view LinkedIn profile without registration?


In fact, this scenario is happening on every website! When I click on a blocking element, then ,,Block", it is blocked. But, when I click on a blocking element -> Advanced settings -> Apply this rule to every web site, then element, which I want to block, is not blocked. Why ,,Apply this rule to every web site" does not work but ordinary blocking does?

By the way, after I have wrote text to present forum ,,Write your reply..." box and I have opened Assistant icon, then text disappears from box. I just opened and closed Assistant but the text is gone. This is not normal, am I right? I have to start writing all over again....


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When you click on the "Block" button, a notification popup should appear at the bottom right corner of the screen, saying

"User filter changed
A new rule was added to the Use Filter:".

and a new rule should be added to the User filter.
Do you see such popups when you click on "Block" button?
Can you check the User filter and if there are rules you've added?


I see such popups, when I have Adguard for Windows software opened in the Windows taskbar. When I have only service enabled, then I don't see such popups.
New rules are added to the User filter.
But the thing is that when I enable ,,Apply this rule to every web site" in Rule parameters from Advanced setting via Assistant, then the rule is added to the User filter but the blockable element is not gone in reality.