Links from Outlook - Protocol Error


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I am on macOs Mojave 10.16.6 using AdGuard nightly ( and since the last month or so, I have been unable to open links from my emails in Outlook for Mac (version 16.52). It used to work without any problems, and I didn't change anything to my AdGuard settings (so perhaps it's something in the newest Outlook?)
Now, when I click on a link, the page doesn't load on Safari, and I get the message "Safari can't open the page. The error is: The operation couldn't be completed. Protocol error" (NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100)

In my AdGuard settings, under Network, "Automatically filter applications" is checked, with the mode kernel extension (I also tried Automatic Proxy, but the same problem happens). When I uncheck that box, I can open the links in my Outlook emails, but then Safari is filled with ads!

is there a way to exclude Outlook from filtering, or change a setting in order to be able to open email links? I don't use any VPN or Little Snitch or any other network-app, so I'm puzzled as to why the problem started happening suddenly. Thanks!


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I am getting the same problem on Windows 11 using Edge - however, temporarily disconnecting Adguard VPN seems to fix it.