local.adguard.org blocked by filter list - technical trouble with Enpass


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so this morning local.adguard.org was blocked after update of oisd abp list. i use adguard for windows with https filter and it seems like enpass (password manager) needed local connection for beeing able to connect to browser extension. so i couldnt fill in my password in any browser. after i manually whitelisted this domain into adguard home, everything worked again. why local.adguard.org needs leads to ip some public ip addreses and why it has been into osid filterlist?


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Report the OISD false positive here: https://oisd.nl/reportfalsepositive

EDIT: The breakage is because of this filter included in OISD; https://raw.githubusercontent.com/damengzhu/banad/main/jiekouAD.txt

It should also be reported upstream to the filter that contains this false positive: https://github.com/damengzhu/banad
I just posted another thread, I use a VPN which uses OSID as part of their "Anti-Tracker" on their servers as their DNS. I have not been able to update the AdGuard Home filters (they just show error) and AdGuard does not seem to be filtering anything. Could this be causing the problem I am experiencing as well?