London TFL Mac address tracking

TFL for London who operate the London underground have started tracking users via their mac address, your mac gets recorded when it pings a TFL wifi hotspot not when your connected only when pinging it.

So the stealth tracking we have in the adguard app is kind of defeated, is there any plans to randomise the mac of wifi and/or bluetooth ?

The current TFL solution to opt out is to turn off your wifi, there is no opt out list for them to not track you (i have emailed them).

Is it possible to have the option in adguard to randomise your mac address for each wifi point that gets pinged/connected to and have a whitelist for wifi points that you want to have your real mac address?

A bit more about the TFL tracking:

From my understanding the mac on android can only be changed if you have a rooted device, so is this possible for adguard to do on a non-rooted device? Or perhaps something else to thwart tracking via mac address?
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No they track the WIFI mac address, but bluetooth also has a mac address.

Since we can not change or hide the mac address it is only a matter of time until websites, and organisations as TFL have done move to tracking by mac address as that can not be changed so technically everything Adguard does to protect us is useless against TFL.