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  1. zebrum

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    Nov 21, 2016
    Dear friends! We are immensely happy to work shoulder to shoulder with you — and we value your feedback a lot.

    Tell us about your experience with AdGuard beta testing program: https://adguard.com/beta.html
    Why did you decide to join it? Why do you find it worth your time? Let us know what are it's main advantages and drawbacks in your eyes.
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  2. Pentlands

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    Mar 11, 2014

    Apologies for the delay... although i'm a beta tester i don't post or follow the threads as much as i probably should, where should replies be posted?
    i.e. This thread or start a new one?

    In absence of where to reply (move if required) i'll give my tuppenceworth here:

    1. I'm not entirely sure when i joined your beta programme, my best guess is around the time i registered on this Forum, circa 2014?

    2. I 'joined' because the ad blocker that i was using at that time went to a paid model and for the most part didn't do what it was supposed to be doing anyway, shortly after that it stopped working all together due to new methods deployed by advertisers to circumvent ad blockers!... i saw a post by someone in an unrelated Forum that suggested AdGuard might be worthy of a look.

    3. I could be wrong, correct me if i am, but if memory serves me right AdGuard back then was 'beta only' and there was no paid model ?... suffice to say i registered and it's pretty much done everything i could ever ask of an ad blocker ever since.

    4. Pros & Cons of beta testing:

    Pros: For the most part it works as intended, frequent updates usually solve any bugs quickly (bugs often span one or more update though).
    Cons: Sometimes it doesn't work as intended and trying to nail down what's going wrong can be baffling... on the plus side i've never know AdGuard to break my system.
    Cons: It is growing into much more than an ad blocker.
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  3. Sunshine-boy

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    Aug 1, 2017
    1-very good and effective Adblocker
    2-kind developers.
    3-bonus features(like stealth and parental control mode) that increase privacy
    4-block ads system wide not only on the browser
    5-the only true Adblocker software on the market.
    6-not operate in 14 eye countries(so I can trust it)
    1-slow browsing (becuae of https fitlering)
    2-Eat ram if you ad a lot of filters.
    3-App is sometimes buggy(like the errors I got)
  4. Boo Berry

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    May 30, 2012
    Hopefully the first con is addressed in AG for Windows 7.
  5. ag_bug_finder

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    May 27, 2014
    Why, whats been planned in relation to this?
  6. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry Moderator + Beta Tester Moderator

    May 30, 2012
    CoreLibs with (hopefully) a new network driver.