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Dear friends! We are immensely happy to work shoulder to shoulder with you — and we value your feedback a lot.

Tell us about your experience with AdGuard beta testing program: https://adguard.com/beta.html
Why did you decide to join it? Why do you find it worth your time? Let us know what are it's main advantages and drawbacks in your eyes.


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Apologies for the delay... although i'm a beta tester i don't post or follow the threads as much as i probably should, where should replies be posted?
i.e. This thread or start a new one?

In absence of where to reply (move if required) i'll give my tuppenceworth here:

1. I'm not entirely sure when i joined your beta programme, my best guess is around the time i registered on this Forum, circa 2014?

2. I 'joined' because the ad blocker that i was using at that time went to a paid model and for the most part didn't do what it was supposed to be doing anyway, shortly after that it stopped working all together due to new methods deployed by advertisers to circumvent ad blockers!... i saw a post by someone in an unrelated Forum that suggested AdGuard might be worthy of a look.

3. I could be wrong, correct me if i am, but if memory serves me right AdGuard back then was 'beta only' and there was no paid model ?... suffice to say i registered and it's pretty much done everything i could ever ask of an ad blocker ever since.

4. Pros & Cons of beta testing:

Pros: For the most part it works as intended, frequent updates usually solve any bugs quickly (bugs often span one or more update though).
Cons: Sometimes it doesn't work as intended and trying to nail down what's going wrong can be baffling... on the plus side i've never know AdGuard to break my system.
Cons: It is growing into much more than an ad blocker.
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1-very good and effective Adblocker
2-kind developers.
3-bonus features(like stealth and parental control mode) that increase privacy
4-block ads system wide not only on the browser
5-the only true Adblocker software on the market.
6-not operate in 14 eye countries(so I can trust it)
1-slow browsing (becuae of https fitlering)
2-Eat ram if you ad a lot of filters.
3-App is sometimes buggy(like the errors I got)
I just thought to review the much awaited corelib edition after almost a gap of year of using AdGuard.

The installation missed EULA which was a new for me seeing that AG always used to have one with me deeply studying it. Nonetheless, I did go into the about section > license agreement option but it's not updated I guess because I see it says Copyrighted 2018.

The other thing I noticed is how this new version could have been used as a chance to correct the naming everywhere. There is still Adguard and not AdGuard on the shortcut, taskbar preview thumbnail or the start menu shortcut or installation directory. With the new version, this was a possibility I think.

The first installation/configuration screen was too simple where it could have been used to advertise self-program features. Something like a simple AdGuard v7 powered by corelibs, or explaining the options/features we are configuring in the second part of the opened window.

After initial installation, I tried both the default install and the customized install and both the times AG crashed (reports already sent through).

Talking about the first view of the interface, I see they wanted to remove the clutter from the startup screen but they did that at the cost of other feature. Take for instance, switching off extensions for a brief testing period. Earlier you could have done that right from the home screen, now you have to click on setting first, go to the particular module and thirdly, disable the protection, that's 3 clicks against 1. I'm sure they had their reasons but I'm just presenting my views.

The statistics since at the home screen changes time according to when the UI was last opened, so even if you have the app installed from say 4th of March but opened the app UI on 6th of march, it will say statistics since 6th of March and not 4th of March.

Again the width of the scroll bar remains the same. Not that I have any problem, but users of previous versions complained of this many a times before.Just reiterating that there is no change in that regard.

The settings button present right next to the filters section in Adblocking module doesn't work.

The stealth mode could have similar options of comfortable, high and ultimate protection levels as given in the initial configuration box. Some people, may find that to be useful.

The text exaplanation of browsing security module as a whole and take part in development is same.
The take part thing deserves another explanation.Likewise, it is still Take part in the development of browser security module. Point to note the module is named browsing security and not browser security.

The text highlight in the dark them specially in the subtext is not great.

It's good that the filtered applications don't have all the apps listed and enabled like before. What isn't great is that it auto adds, enables filtering for those apps. Case in point utorrent. AG added the app itself, didn't ask for my confirmation or even informed me that a new app is being filtered. I, personally, would not prefer that. Maybe becuase it was a known app but still the user should have the right. Which makes the previous option of laying out the whole apps usefule if the above confirmation/intimation thing cannot be done.

The positioning of buttons seems to be slightly off & doesn't seem to be uniform through out the app.
Just an example, the plus & minus signs in adding filter in user filters and adding an app for filtering are not same or properly aligned.

The customized installer which would offer a chance to install, repair or uninstall AG is still a dream I guess.
This also calls the attention for updating the uninstaller utility to cater to AG 7 needs too.

My complaint from the previous version still remains, it is still slower than ublock (Yes, I have already done my testing). AdGuard loads atleast one extra script(content script) everytime it loads a page. So, with the same filters, the extension would & does perform better than the program. That script is no longer even being cached here in my testing whereas the rest of the requests are. This impacts all pages specifically where there are no ads like AG forum or wilderssecurity. And if you have browsing security, assistant and popup blocker enabled that is total 4 extra requests per page and that is the basic not taking into account the further ones
the user themselves may add.

Not delved into the lack of options in the assistant with regards to pausing the log, or with regards to creating different type of filter rules.

I didn't go into deep testing because of the script part and an extra request, that is a deal breaker for me. But hope that it helps in your development.

Good luck.


Beta Tester
Good evening, I joined the beta test program to enjoy a beta key on android and also because that's what I like to test programs and games in beta. I also took the Windows version, because Windows 10 will always be in beta also so in eternal evolution and thus an ideal test ground for full program.

I spend a lot of time on the internet on my PC as well as on Android, so it seems normal to me to share my experience with software and especially to find solutions in case of bug (which happens frequently with Windows 10).

I find, however, that there is no French section on the forum Adguard. I also have a question, how do I get the title of beta tester on the forum?

Edit: Thank's!
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I joined the beta program for iOS and I have been accepted but even after several reminders to the support team, I never received the invitation from Apple or the redeem code...


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We to be honest I beta test Operating Systems (Windows only) and figured that best testing this program will be good. AdGuard really does what it says and to be honest haven't really dug into it as yet but seeing as the chance was there to beta test, I decided to try it out. What I can say though is that it work seamlessly, it doesn't bother you with popups or anything saying it blocked this or that. The browsing has not slowed down much for me, there is a noticeable slowing down but it picks up after a while, I will be checking that. When I run it through the mill I will give feedback as needed. Thanks for the chance to beta test.