Low network performance with adguard.


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my ISP provide 2G internet access, with adguard off, I can reach 2G speed without issue, with adguard on, my network speed is halved to maxmium 1.1G

so I did some test, and found out as long as the network filtering is on, the speed is halved. regardless to other settings. (ad block, broswer sec, sealth on or off)
the bottleneck is not my CPU, I am using AMD 3900X, CPU usage is about 50%.


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I have tried ISP default DNS server, NextDNS server, and adguard dns server, no speed impact on DNS-filtering.
1. here is adguard off

2. here is adguard on and with every protection disabled.1.PNG

3. here is adguard on and with every protection enabled.


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I did more test and I will send the log and name the log of this part of test as part 2.
OS:win 10 20H2
1. adguard disabled 2G
2. adguard enabled without WFP 600M
3. adguard enabled without WFP Use redirect driver mod. 1.3G
4. adguard enabled with WFP with redirect driver mode. 1.5G

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Sounds like the slow internet speeds when AG is enabled issue that's been reported (and hasn't been reproduced) over the years.


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Having the same issue. Spent a majority of yesterday troubleshooting and isolating. Running 7.5.2, problem exists with/without DNS filtering enabled -- only resolves when disabling AdGuard itself.

Also, I noticed after rearranging connections a few times, that I can still reproduce the DNS blocks internet issue that was supposedly resolved.