[MAC] Suggestion Check for Updates


Beta Tester
IMO the "check for updates" and the "check for filter updates" should both have quick access from the main menu popup.
Or if that does not work, at least put the "check for filter updates" in the gear menu along with the "check for updates" option.
Right now the "check for filter updates is buried in the advanced menu and takes three actions to get to.
I use these quite frequently, especially since this is the beta, but also to keep the definitions up to date daily.
Just a thought, Thanks again guys :)

PS: I'm Loving this app so far btw, Thanks again for the beta.
Is there any rough ETA on when this might be released? weeks, months?

Thanks Again, Much Appreciated


Staff member
Thanks for your questions and kind words!

We feel that current design of update buttons is fine. Very few users have need to check for updates this often, most would be probably either distracted by these buttons on the main menu screen, or feel indifferent towards them.

Also, not much can be said about release date at this moment. Probably, more than 'weeks'. Sorry that we can't tell more precise dates.


Staff member
I don't like what we have in Win version: 3 different buttons for program updates, filters updates, extensions updates.

Don't you think it's better to have 1 button instead of 3?