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I have two questions and suggestions. They are based on the limited perspective of my surfing behavior. So my suggestions might not be applicable in general. It is the same as thinking that the earth is flat, because from my point of view and observation the horizon seems to be horizontal (making it look like the earth is flat).

Background of question 1
I am using Adguard V3 (I used the beta also) with a user blocklist of 150 common ad networks in Europe and North America. This lists blocks 90% of the advertisements, which is good enough for me. The rational behind such a small blocklist is that the billions of websites in the world use the same advertising networks. The internet advertising industry has matured and it costs a lot of money to build an advertising management infrastructure and more important, you need an advertising delivery & display network.

Google (Search, Google Display Network and YouTube) and Facebook (facebook and Instagram) dominate the advertising market because they both have a advertising infrastructure and delivery network. According to comScore (data of 2015 because I acquired my Digital Marketing Professional certification when I was 58 :) ) the top 50 advertisement, display, affiliate, remarketing and tracking networks have a reach of 86.4 percent.

So it makes sense that my personal blocklist of 150 advertisement, display, affiliate, remarketing and tracking networks collected via some educated googling, blocks 90% of the advertisements. The only advertisements this lists does not block are bumper and true-view advertisements displayed in video's on news websites.

Question 1: could you provide a separate blocklist in Adguard focussed on filtering advertisements in video's from news websites, possibly per origin of country of the news website?

Background of suggestion 1
I am from the Netherlands. Most Dutch websites use the infrastructure of the leading advertisement, display, affiliate, remarketing and tracking networks with some local players for specific Dutch websites. When I use Easylist English + Easylist Dutch, 99,99% of the English rules are just useless ballast to me, because I will never visit the English languages based websites. I have to enable the English blocklist to block the leading (most common) advertisement, display, affiliate, remarketing and tracking networks which are also used in Dutch websites (remember the top 50 advertisement, affiliate, display and tracking networks have a 86% "worldwide" reach, so most Dutch website also use these ad-networks).

My personal blocklist of 150 common leading ad-networks used in English speaking countries replaces the Easylist English blocklist (of which I only used less <0.01% of the rules). I only have to add the Easylist Dutch to get all the ad-blocking I need for my browsing habits.

I suppose in Russia and Asia there are local players who dominate these markets, so you might want to build a top 50 for Russian and top 100 for Asian markets (the leading advertisement, display, affiliate, remarketing and tracking networks in that region).

Suggestion 1: Add regional blocklist for the most commonly used Advertisement, Display, Affiliate, Remarketing and Tracking (AD-ART) networks in that region (e.g North America + Europe, Russia, Asia , etc). So people living for instance in France or Japan only need to enable AD-ART EU + Easylist French or AD-ART ASIA + Easylist Japan. This would make AdGuard a lot leaner in terms of Memory usage and number of blockrules (***). My filter rules count with my personal US+EU AD_ART blocklist and EasyList Dutch is only 1613 at the moment!

Background of question 2.
The Stealth mode extension had the option to disable cache for third-party requests. This has disappeared in the Stealth mode option of Adguard.
Question 2: Does Adguard's stealth mode still blocks/obfuscate ETag headers?

Background suggestion 2:
I like the self destructing third-party cookies option. I run it with a time limit of 15 minutes with no problem. This is an improvement over Chrome's option to allow session only cookies. AdGuard's stealth mode also has an option to limit the lifetime of first-party cookies, but it is disabled by default. A saver option would be to delete all history at start/end of Chrome IMO.

Suggestion 2: add "auto history wipe" like functionality to Adguard (link to chrome store)



Note ***
Number of block rules might be an issue in the future when Google implements manifest V3.
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