Make Screenshots Optional in Reporting Tool?


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The AdGuard Reporting Tool is great overall. However, would it be possible to consider making screenshots recommended but optional (providing a text description has been written)? I've often seen reports where the submitter has used a "placeholder" screenshot because they didn't want to or were unable to provide an appropriate screenshot.



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Absolutely not. One of the main purposes of the reporting tool is to weed out low-effort reports. We used to receive a lot of "complaints" that would only mention the page URL and nothing else, making it almost impossible to reproduce the issue and fix it. Screenshot alone gives us a fair chance at tracking down the problem, and combined with the rest of the information provided, it is almost assured that every report will be processed and result in a correction to the filter rule(s).

We realize that taking and attaching a screenshot requires more than just a couple of clicks, especially on mobile, and that some users might not want to do it out of privacy concerns, but in the end we believe this decision will help filter developers better concentrate their efforts and increase the efficiency.


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I now fully realise the importance of screenshots - thanks for your feedback.

I like it how you are so fast to act on reports and make changes to the filters. This is one of the reasons why I now use AdGuard as my primary ad blocker. :)

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IMO, screenshots are very important. Most of the time the filter devs either a) don't see what exactly the issue(s) are or b) can't reproduce the issue(s) in the first place. Screenshots are a guide for the filter devs.

I'd highly advise (if you're using a desktop app/browser extension) to highlight the issue(s) are in a screenshot. I like to add a red box via an image editor to the editor to highlight things like missed ads, etc. and mention in the report that there's a red box highlighting the trouble area. Of course, this isn't needed if it's a full page anti-adblock warning or something like that.

I'd also advise (if you can, e.g. on a desktop) to redact personal information from screenshots too.


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Good points about screenshots.

Firefox Screenshots should come in useful here (a recently added browser feature). I also have installed Greenshot and ShareX (two Windows screenshot taking apps) with Ninite but haven't tried them fully yet.