Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.


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Malwarebyte's web protection blocks adguard's web assistant from running. When i disable web protection and reopen chrome, i can see assistant working and blocking the ads, but when web protection is on, web assistant is not loaded and no ads are getting blocked. Is anyone facing such issues? Is there any ways to solve it?


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I have uninstalled and installed Adguard again. It seems to be working. I did uninstall and reinstall before and it worked for a while and then stopped. I will enable FilterLocalhost and see if it holds. thanks for quick reply.


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Please specify the version of AdGuard/Windows/Malwarebytes
Also, try to switch-off WFP driver and Intercept TCP connections (Advanced settings).


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I am using Adguard 7.3 (tried to update to beta and nightly as well, but the same issue) MB is version 4.04 (1.0.793) the latest.


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Hello there! ;)

Same thing for me. Adguard windows is no longer working after updating Malwarebytes.
As said by srisar, I have put WPF driver "OFF" - Intercept TCP connections (Advanced settings) is still "ON"
It is working again that way.

My configuration:
* Adguard windows 7.3
* Malwarebytes Premium - Version of the "updated kit" 1.0.17732 - Version of "composant kit" 1.0793
* Windows 10 - version 1903 (18362.535)
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