Meet AdGuard for macOS 2.8.0 beta


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This beta boasts two important features that we would like to put forward.

[Enhancement] Add settings export [#514]

First off: the long-coveted settings export/import feature, that’s already been implemented in every AdGuard product but the MacOS version, is here. Yes indeed, now macOS users too can finally export and import their settings in bulk, we can hardly believe it ourselves!


[Enhancement] Add a dialog that explains that AdGuard needs to run a rooted tool to configure the system [#977]

And for the second feature — now you will be seeing several (more) dialog screens while installing AdGuard. We can foresee a “why?” at this point, so here goes: AdGuard asks for a lot of permissions upon installation, it is true. And it does make a lot of changes to your system configuration, more importantly, it generates and installs a certificate to perform HTTPS filtering. That knowledge is enough to cause some jitters, we get that. And so it is very important for us to explain to our users that those permissions AdGuard asks for are crucial for quality filtering. After all, quality ad filtering is the reason behind installing AdGuard in the first place, right? In these dialog screens, we firmly state our policy again: despite the permissions asked, we do not use the power gained over your system for any purpose whatsoever except filtering ads. Ever.

ext_en (1).png

These were the two main points of this beta, but as per usual, we also did some bug-fixing and then updated CoreLibs and DNSLibs. Hopefully, the beta version will blossom into a full-fledged release soon!


[Enhancement] Shortcuts for enabling and disabling protection [#879]
[Fixed] Browser assistant icon goes gray randomly [#1025]
[Fixed] Do not show the last updated if the list does not include it [#1022]
[Fixed] Missing user scripts when reporting issues to AdguardFilters [#1033]
[Other] AdGuard sometimes crashes when opening AdGuard Assistant in Safari [#1016]

CoreLibs updated to v1.9.51

[Fixed] authorization breakage [#1502]
[Fixed] Some correct rules are rejected [#1531]
[Other] AdGuard reduces the speed of high-rate connections [#1561]
[Other] Facebook picture upload not working [#1588]
[Enhancement] DnsLibs updated to v1.7.22

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