Meet AdGuard for macOS 2.9.0 beta


Quality Assurance
The new beta of AdGuard for Mac is ready to please you with useful improvements! We've upgraded the Filtering log functionality: now you can add rules directly from it with just a click of a button. We've also moved proxy settings from the Advanced settings, which are rarely accessed by the average user, to the Network tab in the app's Settings. We’ve also updated the filtering engine, CoreLibs.

  • [Enhancement] Implemented the ability to add rules via Filter Log #925
  • [Enhancement] Upstream proxy settings moved to the Network tab #734
  • [Enhancement] Add "Unencrypted" icon for "Regular" DNS servers description in the DNS tab #1034
  • [Enhancement] App exit confirmation is no longer displayed if AdGuard protection is disabled #1079
  • [Fixed] When adding a new site to the whitelist, the previously added site is removed #1056

CoreLibs updated to v1.10.28
  • [Enhancement] Added support for editing JSON responses using `$jsonprune` rules #1447
  • [Enhancement] Expanded capabilities of the `$stealth` modifier #1224
  • [Fixed] The rule with `$third-party` modifier blocks resources from site's own subdomain #1637
  • [Fixed] `Hide your Referrer from third-parties` Stealth mode option interferes with `$third-party` modifier #1640
  • [Fixed] Memory leaks when processing bypassed connections on macOS #1643
  • [Fixed] AdGuard for Mac blocks access to #1648
  • [Fixed] Rules with `$all` modifier do not block explicitly visited sites #1590

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