Memory usage for version 6.0


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Adguard is a good software. many loved it. But the memory usage is bad. I did compare it with KIS.



Adguard is almost 125 MB more than KIS 65 MB. Hope you improve the memory usage.

Thanks for your great work.
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that people think!!, Isn't true that memory is larger than KIS which is an antivirus and internet security. For me I'm sure it's huge memory usage.


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Yes people think that the memory usage is a little too high, you can not say people know its too high because people dont know what the memory usage of the application should/is going to be when its still actively being developed and changing, the only thing th devs can do and say at this moment is acknowledge that people think that mempory usage is too high and say they will work on lowering it in future versions.

Also you do not need to have the application running in the windows background it can just monitor the web browser, as for KIS memory usage that changes ive had it at 23mb to 105mb.