Microsoft UpDate Policy change Win.7/8.1 "October"

Will you accept M$ all in one Monthly Rollup Updates?

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Well are you ready for more of M$ control and less individual choices in that chosen OS of yours Win. 7, 8.1?
We're only a few weeks away from everything of a M$ update as we know it, going to a monthly rollup!

From October 2016 onwards, Windows will release a single Monthly Rollup that addresses both security issues and reliability issues in a single update.
Also from October 2016 onwards, Windows will release a single Security-only update. This update collects all of the security patches for that month into a single update. Unlike the Monthly Rollup, the Security-only update will only include new security patches that are released for that month. Individual patches will no longer be available.

Having the ability before in being selective in-of-to M$ updates has keep our systems freer from the Telemetry Tracking, M$ personal spyware, botched updates, and then the ability to uninstall a single update should it cause trouble our other installed software.

This isn't something now that has only happened on Windows 10 systems. As Telemetry has been steadily sneaking into various windows updates for Win 7 and 8.1 for quite sometime now.
But now in that of a monthly Rollup Update I doubt that you'll be able to see specific information if your still able to click on "More Information" as before in downloading a windows update and understand anymore than a vague or nonexistent descriptions as to what's each rollup update consists of, what it's addressing in your system and what changes it brings - and then if you could do anymore than bend over and take the whole rollup update. I personally will be holding off on these new RollUp UpDates for as long as I can and hunting for other methods to install just what I feel I need within them.



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As a developer I completely understand their desire to keep all users updated to the latest version.

It is very hard to support all these old versions.


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I agree, Microsoft gave out FREE Win 10 license upgrades to 7 & 8 users so they could drop support for those versions quickly and they will never have multiple versions again, only 10 and force you to accept windows updates for 10, it saves them a lot of $$$


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I can very well understand your points so don't get me wrong here / ok :) but as I explain can you relate to some of my thoughts?
The fact still remains that there is more to this story and important points to be considered here of this new action by M$.

Besides to get any of your personal information for anything Internet / Software wise it has to be given away or used as a free product/service or the adoption of it is slow at best, especially when it doesn't excel or improve upon what's already working for us.
Again how many have experienced Win.10 and then left it for whatever reasons - should I say privacy concerns was that of many peoples decision and why, not forgetting Win 10 was a glorified Win 8.1 without a true desktop experience for the user yet again.

I'm just old school and don't want my personal information collected period. In a general sense or to that of a more personal level,
for any one (Government - Corporation - Developer - Website) to know me better than I would know myself. That's more power than they deserve, even if they do think it's for my own good and the outcome to any benefit of myself is a betterment.
Who has and deserves this right over another individual for the proposed purpose of good, let it be used for control in one fashion or another over that same individual. Then to collect it without transparency and the users given consent there of to do so.

I don't want anything more in that of a Desktop OS to be - then just that, and that of any carry around devices in an OS to be then only of it's own separate OS - separate OS's and not conjoined, linked in anyway of matter, medium or fact.
Foolishly M$ thinks otherwise, so they had to give it away for faster adoption, they forget not everyone wears a suit or eats fish
on Fridays, only relying on that everyone puts on a pair of pants one leg at a time and wanting to be that brand of pants you put on.
So what is now of a Win 10 medium to data collections now moves backwards to catch older Windows OS's as they become more of a personal entrapment filter to the Data mining of your personal business and affairs online and using their older Windows OS's.

Just like I don't give out my homes front door key to repair-maintance personal to come and go freely and then without my personal
supervision when their on/in my premises. Otherwise who knows what snooping they would be up to and obtain in my personal information's. Not everything of value has to be physically carried out to be stolen and so it's true with M$ coming and going and it's collecting data in ones PC...

One must not forget that behind all the technology there are humans in charge, and we as humans are flawed. Personalities, ego's and emotions setting the stage to our self actions. Then like the pawns of a corporates governing structures ruling body that tells it's workers what to do and that top entity over all it's ruling body and pawns is just as flawed as the rest of us but, their being in that top echelon realm of power they embellish and command, who can call them out. Then with corporations and individuals growing richer this is an expensive ordeal for anyone to go up against, let alone seek justice and a righting of fact.

Whyelse would there still be Wars and threats of Wars, if us as human beings weren't flawed, technology is not advancing the human race in all aspects of each persons life and existence, as fast as it's advancing the careers, fortunes and lives of those in rule of it. Why give more power over ourselves to that ruling body anyway?

Money and trade drives the peaceful nations populations but, even though not all are yet equal in this exchange. The earth as a whole and then the human race as being the ruling inhabiting species on the earth plays more mind games within it's existance towards all around it, then all of the other species living here. We change the planet by manufacturing it's collected resources and stockpiling these things in an excessive nature to what's really needed for a peaceful and coinheritance existence of harmony within ourselves, each other and the other species here and living on the planet Earth.

This only makes us special by our greed and envy to gain a ruling status over each other and in that of more excessive portions over the other guy in a power struggle with each and every human being and the planets other species as well as the earths natural resources.
Now add in to this power struggle the technical ability of the Internets information calculation to that of personal information data mining by extracting the most in everything of a personal fact that is us and makes us who we are and how we live and then used against us for profits from, and/or in a domination over us. M$ is only trying to catch up with Google in this area of surveillance capitalism and it's one powerful way by an OS to achieve this by making rollup updates and the Win 10 OS for all devices and no real transparency to really be known of what is being collected.

In any extent is M$ setting itself up for a US Government take over or is it already a frontline for the US Government to spy on the whole world that uses M$. Think about that for a while, a free upgrade in the two older versions of M$ Windows OS's and with each new version update of Win10 OS it resets all the related privacy tweaks and re-enables what was disabled by the users of the OS in the personal data mining collections technique and then to only offer an update system of deployed rollup updates (for all M$ OS's now) to maintain it's dominance over the user and of no transparency or choice given to a user of Microsoft Windows operating systems paid for or free upgrade.

I dread the day we colonize another plant if we don't change this outlook and mannerism of the outcome to our species basic flaws, of the global Ruling technology and the humans in charge of it, it will do no better there on another planet than what has been done to us all here on Earth by the ones in rule of said technology. To think without such human flaws we may have been able to find and colonize a hundred earth like planets already.
No wonder - if there is intelegent life elsewhere in the heavens they stay clear of us as we are now.

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For information from one site on this new plague on Windows and to some kinds of insight to know or be aware of see-
It talks of UPDATES all Windows versions here and there at some point and gives links to other sites of information as well from
it's commenters.

Spot-on analysis from Eric Knorr. You really need to read this:
"I’ve always been amazed at Microsoft’s stamina… Nobody writes new applications for Windows anymore. Microsoft tried mobile and failed, leaving its new Universal Windows Platform stillborn.

It will take a long time for Windows’ 90-something percent market share to shrink drastically, but the trouble of maintaining
Windows is more than it’s worth. Microsoft is in the cloud and app business. It doesn’t need Windows anymore".

IF ANYONE WOULD CARE TO OFFER A LINK HERE OF SUCH SITES THAT ARE INFORMATIVE ON WINDOWS NEW UPDATES in this rollup realm, please do so, from us knowing of such chatter we can become an informed Windows user...

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