[*] Missed Ad Reuters [Andriod App]


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Can't find ads. Please describe, where they are can be found.


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I have highlighted the screenshot with the ad. I see a single ad on the homescreen of the reuters android app just below the 1st news article.Pic_reuters.png


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please stop this app in system settings, clear cache, and enable HAR recording in Adguard settings and reproduce the issue and make screenshot of actual ad(I need ad text for searching in the HAR).
  1. Open Adguard and go to "Settings".

  2. Choose "Advanced" in the menu.

  3. Choose "Low Level Settings"

  4. Activate "pref.har.capture" (you will have to restart the protection).

  5. Now reproduce the problem - open the app, use it, find ads in it, then turn off "pref.har.capture".

  6. Go to app cache folder and find the .har files. They are usually located in

    or, depending on device,