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As it won't allow me to post to the correct forum, so I am posting here

Site: bing.com

Visit bing in Firefox using a desktop computer
Click one of the pics on the carousel to open a new page. Some of the pics on the carousel have Ad in the top-left corner

If you press CTRL + U to view page source, scroll down and you will see a list:


The ones with numbers (tob_6) are adverts and any MSNOS are normal. Usually, you will see two with numbers and the rest will be MSNOS

Adverts usually have a tobitem_a class and if you target that class, the pic will be removed but it will have a blank in its place.

If you right-click on the carousel advert to block, Adguard creates a rule:

bing.com###tob_slidecontainer_638064220392503886 > div.slide:nth-child(9)
I chose to do the following:

Matches tob_1 (a number after the underscore)


Matches id="tob_1" (including the id= and the double-quotes)

I am still working on the nth-child rule