Mozilla Firefox SSL Certificate


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Today i disabled SSL/TLS protocol filtering by Eset so it won't scan certifcates anymore. Now Adguard will do that, but in firefox i see by every https website:

mozilla does not recognize this certificate issuer. It may have been added from your operating system or by an administrator

Can't find a sollution. What i do wrong? I made a screenshot


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That's actually normal and to be expected in this case with a local certificate like that.


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First of all, thank you for your answer.

That it was normal, i did not know. Recourse i checked in Chrome when i saw it to look if it was normal. But i saw no message in Chrome, nothing. That's why i was confused and just to make sure everything was ok, i came here.


I am having the same issue in Firefox on my Android phone using Adguard for Android. The other day an updated Adguard certificate was automatically downloaded to my phone by Adguard. Since then I can not browse the web at all. Every site gives me the invalid certificate error. If I turn off HTTPS filtering in Adguard then Firefox will load any site I want. I have tried to delete the Adguard certificate but of course the same defective certificate gets installed again. I wish Adguard would fix this. My back up Android phone still has the older Adguard certificate and I can access any website in Firefox with HTTPS filtering turned on in Adguard. I have updates turned off on that phone. I posted in the Aguard For Android forum but all I got was a message to delete the offending certificate. I did and Adguard then reinstalls the same bad certificate. I wish someone at Adguard would fix the certificate. Or at least post some help.