Nasty-gram to Adguard


New Member
I have to completely drop all shields in my web browser and completely compromise my security to log into Adguard in any way. Even into this forum much less the account to manage my subscriptions! Considering what I've hired you guys to do, protect my identity online, I consider this practice to be a despicable. I'm not happy. I'm not happy. NOT EVEN MY BANK MAKES ME DO THIS!!

I'd wager I didn't buy what I thought I bought. Furthermore, I can't figure out how to stop automatic payments. I'm sure someone will gasslight me and say "all you have to do is" but I've been doing business online for a long time and I couldn't figure it out. I've got two family licenses and only need one. I got dinged today for an expensive license I don't need!!!! I'm calling support and I'm not going to let this go.