new adguard assistent: selecting element for blocking cancels element selection in firefox.


Beta Tester
i have firefox version 53 and adguard version 6.2.357.1887 beta.
the adguard assistent's element selection no longer works with this combination.
the selection screen appears, but clicking anywhere will close the selection screen and the click will be processed by the webpage.
so selecting an ad this way will open the page the ad links to, instead of showing the in-page blocking rule editor.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
I believe this is a known issue.

The part about trying to use the Assistant to select an ad, which sometimes the click on the ad when trying to block it is registered and it loads up the page - it's definitely a known issue and quite annoying.


Beta Tester
it's not sometimes, it's always.
i can click on blank space with no assigned action whatsoever, and the element selection screen disappears.

and it's browser-specific, the selection screen works fine in chrome.


Staff member
Sorry for the late reply!

There must be a way to reproduce this behavior. Could you please export your FF profile so that we could try with it?