New AdGuard forum engine!


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It was time to update our forum engine once again. Now we use Xenforo 2.1.3. What has changed?

- Visuals, obviously. The forum looks different now! For better or for worse - you tell us :)
- Two new styles. You can never have enough different styles (judging by experience).
- HTML5/BB code support "out of the box". Much better than using plugins like we used to.
- We're open to more suggestions! Leave your comments below.


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Sadly only light/dark theme available, not the previous one. Do not like both :(
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Boo Berry

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The only 'issues' I've noticed are, the Change width toggle at the bottom of the forums only lasts for the session - if you close the browser and reopen it, it resets back to the smaller width. In addition, hiding the Russian forum section also only works for the session, and resets after closing the browser.

Being able to save the change width toggle is the most important, hiding the Russian forums I can probably do with a filter rule.


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I love the dark theme and change width to wider.

You should make dark theme default, when windows settings is set to dark theme (and Firefox is automatically in dark theme) (but still able to change manually). I know it's possible, because is doing like that.