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As some of you know, I have been asking a lot of questions about certain features of the premium version of AdGuard and getting a lot of help. I still do not understand everything but am learning. Early on I questioned the number of ads blocked and the data saved and all was explained. I recently re-set the statistics and then checked the box to block trackers. Well the number of ads blocked - 954 is lower than I had expected but I could not believe the number of trackers blocked - 1040. I am guessing that without trackers blocked, the number of ads blocked would be a lot higher, maybe the sum total of 1994? Well, no matter. I am impressed!!


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Hello there!
blocking trackers is like fighting a hydra, there's no end. That's why you get such a large number of blocked requests.
Don't be surprised :)


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Good to know that you are learning as i am also here to learn about things that i couldn't be able to understand. Looking forward to see you on PM.