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Hi, new to the forums but been an Adguard user for 3-4 years. I've been reading about issues with the Assistant not being down in the lower right corner of webpages and I am having the same problem both with IE 11 and the older version of Edge. No assistant and ads galore, I've tried most all of things I have read in other posts and even uninstalled and reinstalled the software but the result is the same, ads. What am I missing, up until recently I have never had any problems but now it's not working. I use Adguard on my desktop, laptop, and android phone, the one I am having problems with is this desktop unit and it has a lifetime license, funny thing is that both the laptop and the desktop both have Windows 10 Pro along with Malwarebytes and Adguard and the laptop works as it should, however it has the newer version of Edge. So, I thought if someone here could help me out. Thanks.
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Ok, so I did the uninstall once again and cleaned up the registry some and restarted the computer and then started from scratch and reinstalled the software, it seems to be working and the assistant is now back in the lower right corner and ads are gone, we'll see if it holds.


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Hello there!

AdGuard Assistant is not supported in IE11. We will not fix this situation as Microsoft Edge has released the Legacy browser.

Let me know if the problem starts to reproduce again.