Non AdGuard Userscripts not working in IE9


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Firstly, Thanks to Avatar & the crew for getting AdGuard Assistant working in IE9.

Unfortunately some non‑AdGuard userscripts that I've tried don't seem to be working in IE9 via Adguard (I blame IE9, as it's usually to blame).

To help to diagnose the problem(s), if anyone can suggest any particular userscipts which they can confirm do work ok in non‑IE9 versions of IE, then that would likely be very helpful in finding out where the problems lie.



YouTube Center does not seem to be working in IE9. I also tried the older v1.32.4 mentioned here:
Script v1.32.4 :

YouTube Center Site:

All Features:

Standard Version Script:

Developer Version Script:
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It's quite difficult to debug complex javascript, and in IE9 it is almost impossible.

Have you tried creating an issue in YTC bugtracker?

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YTC works fine in Internet Explorer 11. And I suspect you're probably right, IE9 is to blame. Specifically, I'm thinking it's the lack of support of certain things (e.g. defineGetter and defineSetter) in older IE versions which is to blame. YTC 1.32.4 probably doesn't work anymore as its pretty outdated and Google's made major changes to YouTube, thus breaking the older script.
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