Not blocking OutBrain, SmartFeed, Taboola, ... right out of the box? Custom blocks fail?


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I am new to Adguard, looking for help in Safari to kill Taboola, OutBrain, SmartFeed, ...

I actually don't mind some ads, and supporting sites with ads, and will even click on some if it is of interest; but I just hate the above junk recommended, you won't believe, if you live here, etc JUNK those third parties peddle, that ends up taking up more space than the content.

So, with AdGuard active, most of the pages keep having OutBrain & SmartFeed elements, and I keep blocking them, again, and again.

I suspect they're coded different ... but I'm surprised they're not flat out blocked?

At every turn, there just seems to be more of them. I just visited another article on CNN, boom both SmartFeed & OutBrain are still on the page, again??

And in testing, I just blocked both of them on the last page I was on, reloaded the same page. And, they're back??

Is there a way to flat out block anything that has anything to do with them?