Not sure which filters to keep on

Sup all,

I recently installed Adguard for Windows and Android, and because I didn't know any better, I downloaded and installed more than 80 filters.

I don't wanna erase to default because there is a lot of things I've changed in the settings, so I would like to ask what filters are the best, and what range should I have around 10-15 filters?


EDIT: To be more precise, I have 76 filters, 667.4K rules


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Base filter, tracking protection and Annoyances filter is usually enough.

If you visit non-English pages the list with that language too.
If you are on a mobile device, the Mobile Ads filter too.
Of course if you do not like social like Buttons, our social filter too.


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Well I had the same around 80 filter list and I was trying to minimal that and here is my lists from ADG Android(Windows put the same lists on other categories so)

Ad blocking: 4/4
Social: 2/2
Security: 2/2
Annoyances: 7/7
Language specific:
Other: 2/3
And here is a list of custom lists:
(Brave filter list cause for now I use brave otherwise its usuless)Screenshot_20220113-121452_AdGuard.jpg

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In my opinion, that's wayyyyyy too many filter lists to have enabled. Personally, I recommend having 6 or less enabled, as the more filter lists you enable the more likely you'll encounter issues with false positives, broken websites, etc.