Notifications on Spark mail don't work with Adguard


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I use the very handful and smart mail service, Spark. But some times the notification don't work for some reason, and after some parametrizations it works again, without knowing exactly witch one makes it works.

But now, I have the response, actually when Adguard is activated it works for a some time (witch confused me) and stop, but when I disable AG it works again.

So, unfortunately, I can't use Adguard anymore, because the emails are so importants I can't miss them even if the coast is to be assaulted by ads

I hope that the problem will be quickly fixed.


Boo Berry

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What's the domain(s) used? If they use is the domain they use, add it to AdGuard for Android's HTTPS exclusions list or go into Apps Management and disable protection for the 1Password app.