Number of rules


I just read an interesting article about 1Blocker X which fins a way to go over the limit of 50K rules.

On fact it reached 350K rules!! Personally I I have to reduce on regular basis the number of filters to remain under the 50K. Soon, only one filter will remain.

What about Adguard following the same path?


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This is not really news, you can split the rules into multiple content blockers and so overcome the 50k limit.

However, we decided not to do it and we don't plan to. The problem with this approach is that these content blockers are completely independent and that's not how it works.
Filtering rules need to interact with each other. For instance, a rule defined in the English filter may be unblocked in the Turkish filter, etc.

The only possible improvement I see is splitting filters into content blockers by category: ads, privacy protection, security as filters from different categories usually don't interact.


I did not say it was news but the article I read was published last week:

Also, as mentioned in my post, in oder to remain under the 50K rules we have to reduce the number of filters as they grow everyday.
At a certain point we will reach the limit with only one filter activated.
So I am wondering what is your plan in order to avoid this finality?

Boo Berry

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Have to wait and see if Apple ever increases the limit.

I recommend all iOS users contact Apple and tell them you want to see them to increase the Safari content blocker limit.