[Official Support] MacOS 11 Big Sur Incompatibility on Nightly Builds


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I have the same question (how to download the nightly build version of adguard for mac). Googling turns up a lot of torrents but I do not trust software not downloaded directly from the developer.

Never mind. guessed the link based on the blog posts links to the android and windows nightly build installers (hint replace android/windows with mac)
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Hi, here it is if you did not get it to work...

AdGuard Nightly (http://agrd.io/mac_nightly). After that head to AdGuard > Gear > Preferences... > Network > Select mode > Network extension.
It worked great using that link. That was the substitute I described above. I just wasn't sure if posting links to nightly builds is allowed so I did not put in the actual link just how to change one of the 2 links already in the blogpost :)


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I use AdGuard via Setapp, so unfortunately I don't have a license for the Nightly Builds. 
Is there a way to activate the license?


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Application version nightly (CL-1.7.76) and it keeps on deactivating itself every min