Oneplus 3 quits AdGuard Service


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Hey Guys,

Im using Adguard since 3 months now without any Problems but unfortunately since the Last 3.2.7 oxygen OS Update im having some Problems with random Adguard Service cancellations.

I already tried All the three different types of options (with Adguard notification tray and without) but unfortunately my device keeps canceling the Adguard Service from time to time.

Is this a known issue with the Adguard app? Is there anything I Can Change as I Love Just to keep Adguard enabled All the time without any Problems Till now..

Im using VPN filtering with https certificate enabled.

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The problem is that it sounds like Android... Oxygen OS is automatically killing Adguard, since it has to run in the background constantly as a power saving measure. I'm not sure if there's a deep level setting in Oxygen OS to disable this (at least per app) or not.


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I have filed a bug regarding this:

But we will need your help. Could you send us two kinds of logs please? To obtain and send us a regular log:

1. Open Adguard and go to "Settings".

2. Choose "Advanced" in the left menu.

3. Set "Logging level" to "Record everything". It's desirable to close all background apps that don't concern the problem beforehand.

4. Reproduce the problem and set the logging level back to "Default".

5. Send us a message from program by choosing "Send Feedback" in the menu. Don't forget to check the "Send detailed system info" checkbox under the text field.

6. Post here your userID, which will be indicated in the autoresponse email.

The other log is 'logcat'. It is a bit more difficult to get it, here is a detailed manual.

For both logs we will also need a more or less exact timing of when the problem had happened.

Thank you in advance for helping us out!


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I have this problem on the OnePlus 3 too (I'm on Oxygen OS 3.2.8). I've enabled the detailed logging and will see how if I can catch it again. The only problem is providing the time it happened, I don't notice it's stopped until I see an ad and who knows how long ago AdGuard got killed.

edit: If any other users are having this problem, I just notice that battery optimisation was still enabled for AdGuard so I've disabled that, don't know if that'll fix it though. To change this, go to:

Settings -> Battery -> 3 dots at the top -> Battery Optimisation -> Change 'Not Optimised' dropdown to 'All Apps' -> tap AdGuard -> Don't Optimise -> Done
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@beeswax that's a known issue with power saving mode - good that you figured that out. @Desmo though told that he doesn't have PSM enabled, that's why we need logs in his case.