Only localhost and WAN IP in "Clients (runtime)" on AdGuard Home


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First off, the settings are correct on my unifi router (im not using adguard home as DHCP), where i've changed the LAN settings for DHCP Name Server to manual and entered the adguard IP's (im using two adguard home).

I've also changed the WAN settings so the router also uses adguard home as DNS.

So all devices on my network are now having DNS set automatically to the adguard home IP's (ive checked).

A lot (if not all) devices are showing up on the dashboard under "top clients".

and all devices are getting stuff blocked by adguard when browsing, as intended.

But when checking in the client settings on the adguard home (both of them), the "Clients (runtime)" only lists my WAN IP (source: rDNS), (name: adguard2, source: etc/hosts), (name: localhost, source: etc/hosts), ff02::1 (name: ip6-allnodes, source: etc/hosts), ff02::2 (name: ip6-allrouters, source: etc/hosts) and ::1 (name: localhost, source: etc/hosts).

I have not configured/added any devices/clients.

Anyone with suggestions on why the devices that are "not stored in configuration" are not showing up in that list? or how to fix it?
I mean shouldnt every device on my network that are using the adguard home dns show up there, since i havent added/configured any clients/devices?