Opening Adguard settings increases Edge browser window size


Beta Tester

I want to report a strange bug that was there already with Adguard extension 2.x, but is also present with the new 3.x.

When you click on Adguard icon and then on the gear icon to enter extension settings, the size of the Edge browser window will be increased slightly in both horizontal and vertical direction.

The new larger window size will be kept even after restarting Edge. That means, opening Adguard settings a few times will each time increase the window size more and more.


Beta Tester
The issue is similar, but not exactly the same - the one you linked is about the Edge window not staying maximized.

I start with a window that is not maximized, and opening Adguard settings increases this window size by a few pixels in width and height (~0.5cm on my screen).

Opening Adguard settings a few times repeatedly, I can watch the Edge window growing and growing and growing, until it reaches a size which is uncomfortable to work with. Then I have to make it smaller again.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Most of these Microsoft Edge-related issues probably won't be an issue anymore once the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is released. Otherwise, it sounds like a limitation (or lack of support for something that's needed) in the current version(s) of Microsoft Edge.