Order of preference for filters


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I am using Adguard Home as my home network's only DNS provider. To enforce this, I have added the following repository to Adguard's "DNS blockslist" (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oneoffdallas/dohservers/master/list.txt).

In the above repository, there is one item that I would like to be ignored (not blocked): doh.dns.apple.com.v.aaplimg.com. I have added this as a rule to my "Custom filtering rules" as @@||doh.dns.apple.com^$important. Despite this, I continue to see entries in the Query Log blocking the domain.

My question is, what is the order in which the different filters are processed? How do I go about allowing this domain despite it being listed in the GitHub list that I've added to my blocklist?

Appreciate any insight.


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$Important is not required.
You did not change upstream server or did you also change that?

Try excluding whole domain:



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Thank you for your reply. Which upstream server are you referring to? If you mean the GitHub one in my Blocklists, then no. I've added the whole domain and that seems to work. The "$important" was added when I clicked on the "unblock" in the Query Log.