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I've reported before that outlook.com hotmail.com live.com aren't working well but I noticed something (& not the 1st time)...

If I reload several times the email service main page (sometimes only 3 times, sometimes I must do it 5 or more), then all is working:

I'm able to click on the menu, move the dynamic bar, read a message, logout,...

So it must be something about what you are injecting to the code or maybe a too slow process when there are huge amount of data?

I've a quadcore and ADSL2+ so my computer speed is quite good.


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nothing to do with browser cache!

probably because AdGuard is recoding/reloading the page too slowly and there are many scripts...
so the solution is probably to make AdGuard code lighter & faster...

Boo Berry

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Does this happen only in Internet Explorer? This is where I noticed something like this mostly. Basically, disable filtering, load Outlook, close the browser, re-enable filtering and try again.