Password authorisation for uninstalling AdGuard as a future feature

Do other users agree that password authorisation for uninstalling AdGuard is a good feature to have?

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Dear AdGuard,

I recently started using AdGuard for Windows and I have to say that I am really loving it. Thank you for creating such an excellent product. My main reason for using AdGuard is to restrict access to adult content on the internet and so I have parental controls switched on and have a password set up to protect the settings on AdGuard from being changed without permission. However, I realize that AdGuard could be easily uninstalled on Windows thereby removing restrictions to adult content on the internet. I was wondering if AdGuard could provide a new feature in the future to password protect AdGuard for Windows from being uninstalled without authorisation? I think this would be really useful and would benefit a lot of users. Thank you.


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Hello, dear @kw.tay89

Actually, there's no need for that.
You just need to create a separate Windows account for the children and exclude administrative privileges so that they cannot delete the application.