Pause or remove AdGuard


New Member
I would like to PAUSE Adguard (Mac OS 10.11.3, Safari 9.0.3) on all sites.

If this is not possible, tell me how to REMOVE Adguard on Mac.

All that clicking, and not really know which are safe to click so that one actually gets to a website, are as intrusive as ads! Adguard is GREAT but I would prefer it just got rid of the ads transparently with no user action.

Thank you.


Staff member

Ad blocking doesn't involve any user interaction, at least when everything is right. Everything should be blocked automatically. Please give us more details if in your case ads are not blocked and need any manual interaction.

Answering your question, to disable Adguard protection, you need to click on Adguard icon in menu bar and move the switch so that protection is disabled (Adguard menu will turn to red).