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I love services Adguard has to provide. AdguardDNS, its privacy policy, Its Protocols and Filters. I'm In Love with it. To show some support to the developers who work hard to protect the privacy of people who do no good to them. I want to purchase a paid subscription but there's a problem. There is no audited way of payment and I'm left with nothing but to blindly trust Adguard with my Banking data. That's holding me back.

If Adguard Developers were to decide on implementing something like PayPal API where people could pay via PayPal to purchase the subscription, That would be really Awesome! And I'm pretty sure many other users would too be have ease & comfort when paying with PayPal [aka More consumers eventually]

I would love to hear from Developers if they are planning to add any variety of Secure [Audited] payment methods? Maybe Cryptocurrency too one day?

Thank you <3


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This is the first time I'm hearing an eCommerce term paddle. Will be definitely checking it out.

"As for Cryptocurrency, we do not plan to accept payment in this way."

Thats unfortunate to hear. I assumed that Adguard Software LTD being Privacy oriented service, Cryptocurrency would have been an option.

What about Paypal Payment API? Are there any plans of it in the future?

Thanks :)