Per-App, Per-Service, Per-Port, Per-Protocol Advanced Firewall Configuration

It would be nice if AdGuard could provide more advanced Firewall features to disable specific apps, specific ports, specific ports for specific apps, specific services, and specific ports for specific services. There are many services that run in the background that don't register as Apps. For example, Android Developer Options show that Google Play Services App (also known as Google Mobile Services) runs many sub-services, quite of few of which are location-based. It isn't possible to filter specific sub-services with AdGuard. It is only possible to filter the entire Google Play Services or install MicroG. I don't know enough to suggest that, but if MicroG can be utilized to force non-Google location back-ends, then perhaps AdGuard can do the same via VPN.

I assume there is no way AdGuard can filter 2G/3G radio signals, is there? Hiding from IMSI catchers and stingrays would be a great feature, but I think only special cryptophones are capable of that. They cost a ton of money.


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The Android app has certain limitations due to the operating system. So we use the maximum of the functionality of the offered.
Therefore, it is hardly possible to implement the functions you have specified.