Pixel 3, AG turns itself off - the process is still running but protection is disabled


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Pixel 3, Android 10, AG 3.4, this problem is new, about a few weeks old.

Sometimes the protection is turned off, especially -but not only- when I turn the screen on.

I have tried Settings > Advanced > Watchdog Period without success.

For now, I have configured MacroDroid to send a 'start' intent to AdGuard whenever the VPN connection drops, this seems to work. This happens about two times a day.

I have noticed in my Filtering Log that directly after starting AG again there is one log entry that is not in chronological order but more than an hour old.

It seems to be a Google Play Service connection to

While the other entries before and after this line have a timestamp 13:48:xx the Play Service connection has 12:20:xx

The status is 'processed' but it has a very unusual 'Elapsed time' of 5833027 ms
At the time of the deactivation there are about 900 KB of memory free, hence I would rule out any automatic killing routine.

Is there a known fix?