Please help me get rid of this malware


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A week ago I started to get random popup windows on chrome in android. Even if chrome wasn't open. I ran many different anti malwares and nothing could find it. I Factory reset my phone and a day later it happened again. I installed Adguard and they block the popups but I don't know how to understand the security message:


Please can someone help me find and delete the malware I will much appreciate it


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Just a suggestion, I'm not an expert removing malware from Android. Have had good results using Malwarebytes on Windows systems. You can find the Android app version on the Play store, install and run. You could also try removing Chrome (wipe cache and data 1st) and reinstall. Malwarebytes scan is a good idea either way.

Just saying, you are responsible for whatever happens to your device. Also, "Geekstogo . com" website is an excellent resource for assistance dealing with malware on windows system and its free, hosted by well trained volunteers. They do have an Android forum on their site, not sure about malware removal for android thou. Best of Luck.