Please implement support for Anonymized DNS Relays when using DNSCrypt Protocol


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Hello Adguard Developers/Admin/Moderators,
I'm a major supporter for Adguard and love your software! :)

I believe one of the best security features that needs to be implemented is Anonymized DNS Relays when using DNSCrypt Protocol under DNS Filtering. Here are some important links below where you can get more information:

Anonymized DNSCrypt Specification

Anonymized DNS

List of Anonymized DNS Relays

There is software for Windows OS called "Simple DNSCrypt" which implemented this feature for DNS Relays with the DNSCrypt Protocol.
If Adguard can come up with a way to add that within their software, that would be genius!!!

Simple DNSCrypt

There are other relays for ODoH (Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS) as well.

There was an open issue on this on GitHub but it seems there hasn't been much chatter or an update on this since September 2021.

With strong conviction, I think Adguard could greatly benefit from adding these security features, making your software even better and also drawing in more users, more revenue and gaining more traction as being one of the TOP Leading Ad Blockers on the market as well as protecting your privacy and device health.

Hope to hear an update on this in the near future as DNS Relays has been released for about 2 years now.

Thanks for your time & consideration,
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I would like this too, ASAP please adguard developers there is a github post on this that has been left ignored.
Can we please add this to the adguard app asap?
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