Please remove the outdated nightly for Mac from the website


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today, surprisedly, I was presented with an AdGuard update popup window on my MacOS.
And when I as reading the update news, the news were from 2019!

Here is what happens and how it happened:

I have an official Beta license and I am an active reporter / filter creator on GitHub.. (Everything OK here)
Adguard was always fine on my MacOS, but 50 days ago I formatted my MacBook and reinstalled everything from scratch. (Everything OK here too)

But today, 50 days later, I noticed I have made a huge mistake when I reinstalled AdGuard for Mac 50 days ago...
I downloaded the Nightly Build from the Adguard website, and I was using it until today, thinking it was a recent version (strangely it updates itself from time to time) and today it was asking me to update.... but before pressing "YES/OK" to update I started to read the text presented containing the "whatsnew"... (Here is the problem)

Because I noticed the text refered to a version of July/2019 !!
I cancelled the update, and came here to see if I could find the problem

And the problem is:
When I downloaded Adguard 50 days ago to reinstall it, I was sure I was getting the most recent nightly, but just today while coming back here to check the webpage for the MacOS release, I noticed that there is no more Nightly for MacOS

The link below, is from where I had downloaded the supposed most recent nightly version, which is outdated as from July/2019

So, for 50 days I didn't noticed that I was using a VERY OLD version.. Lol
and considering the filters updates normally, and from time to time [strangely] is asks for update the core MacOS app daemon... I supposed everything was fine... until I read the "whatsnew/changelog" presented on the update popup which occurred today asking me if I wanted to update to the July/2019 version (the same old version I am using, which I installed 50 days ago from the above "Nightly Version MacOS URL Link"

Please, remove/erase that page, urgently!

and/or remove the outdated
Nightly PKG version that is still available for download on that page,

because a lot more other users may be on the same situation as me.. because when I reinstalled I was on a hurry to reinstall every App on the recently formatted MacBook and I just accessed that page and just did download the version there... without reading the page text contents...
Which let me thinking it was a new nightly...

My mistake, ok, because I haven't noticed that the Nightly page is not updated anymore.. but why should I have doubts about it not being ?

Because my situation of getting things fast, to download several apps in a hurry to reinstall them a new system, I didn't read the page.. Result: I was using an almost 1 year old version until today, whiteout knowing it... ahahah

There is more:
The update popup which occurs from time to time, reinstalls the same old version.. giving the [false] impression that something is updating....

Except today I read carefully the changelog/whatsnew presented on the popup update notice... and it is a changeLog from the middle of 2019

No problem, I am not angry, relax, haha

I am a beta tester, and I like problems..

But I just have found a problem "outside" my system. which is a problem on the Adguard website, letting people download a very old version, and another problem on the update process (which makes the user [falsely] thinks it is using something new, because it updates itself with the sabe nightly version of itself!)

Its up to you guys, I am just informing the situation.
I just downloaded the new BETA version now, and will install it above the old Nightly version... and everything will be fine.

But I am afraid, this can happens to others, so the suggestion I mentioned above to remove/erase that page, or the outdated package which is there.



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I still have not uninstalled it.

If you guys want any LOG from my MacOS, including the information which tried to install the July 2019 version as of today (9/may/2020)

Please feel free to ask ANY log or data from my machine and I will provide

Because there is, fore sure, a big problem on the update process.

I will wait your reply before erasing and reinstalling Adguard
So I can help you developers also dig the problem

EDIT: I am writing this message using DualBoot, macOS High Sierra which has the current Adguard version,
but on the other boot I have at the same SDD MacOS Mojave(the main system I use) and there is the Adguard Old Nightly installed and trying to update today to a very old version (which is something)