Please restore 3.6 Whitelist - Allowlist functionality for wildcard (allow subdomains).


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Since the 4.x release - my Allowlist.txt that had several internal company and Microsoft / 365 domains no longer work at all (only www).

I would rather have a few domains INCLUSIVE of all sub-domains and the wildcard (*) did exactly that.

A sample of sites below: I have / had about 30 entries (That would grow to 100+)


The current allow list under 4.x no longer works - unless I want 15+ subdomains added for each single wildcard entry previously. 4.x way is tedious and unnecessary.

The old 3.6 way also allowed for IP address wildcard so other devices (Copiers - Firewalls - LAN Switches - Routers) wouldn't have to be added individually.

The allow list text file was a great way to 'set and forget' for all the browsers I need to use.

I do NOT want to have to implement a 'rules' approach which is also more tedious than the previous allow list in 3.6 version.

I have seen a few Developer responses that the wildcard functionality in the 3.6 release was unintended but it is much more functional than the 'fixed' 4.x approach.

Please reconsider re-implementation of the 3.6 wildcard functionality. This function worked in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.