Please stop changing the icon color


New Member
First of all I want to say that I love AdGuard, so what looks like a complaint is actually just me trying to make the product even better!

I really wish AdGuard would stick with the green shield with checkmark in it, and NOT change its appearance periodically because it is a holiday. Most users have lots of icons on their screens, and we get used to what each one looks like at a quick glance. When I have an icon change color on me (like today it is orange-looking with (I think) a star in the middle (?), my very first reaction is that something is wrong and needs to be looked into. I am not in the least amused by this practice of altering the appearance of an icon because someone thinks it is cute to do so. I view AdGuard as a serious component of my computer security plan, and it can be misleading to have something that is usually green all of a sudden change into some other color. Please just leave it alone.

Thank you for your consideration.
AdGuard icon changed to orange.jpg