Popup Blocker & Flash Block Notifications In Edge Not Working Correctly

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It seems to me there are a few issues with the popup blocker in Edge (in-browser notifications). The behavior is not consistent.

I. Notifications can disappear too quickly
II. A popup will be auto-blocked and the notification immediately disappears
II. Notifications do not always appear as expected; a pop-up is blocked and no notification appears
III. Notifications will be appear 1 time, but then never appear again for the same popup even when the user did not create an Always Allow or Block rule for the popup

NOTE: Clearing browser cookies will make the notifications appear again

It seems to me there is one issue with Flash blocker in Edge

I. It does not block Flash when the Edge is set to use it

1. Settings for Testing

A. Block Flash - in Adguard
B. Use Flash - in Edge
C. Enable pop-up blocker - in Adguard
D. Enable pop-up blocker - in Edge

2. Test website - provides sufficient pop-ups and uses Flash to view movies (spend time on it searching and
launching movies and the site will provide ample opportunity to view issues in Adguard's popup and Flash
blocking in Edge)

NOTE: All the pop-ups on the sites below are non-legit

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Popup block notification probably could also use Allow Once and Block Once options.


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Hi, I will provide answers for some of your points related to the popup blocker userscript.

I. Have you tried moving the mouse cursor over the notification? If a mouse cursor is over a notification, it won't disappear and stay there as long as the cursor does not leave. You can also make collapsed notification larger by clicking on `pop-up` link.

II. It is common for popup/popunder ads to limit the number of daily popup/popunders for each visitors to certain number, and it seems that this is the case for websites you've mentioned.

This is what is happening:
  • A website tries to show a popup ad to visitor.
  • It is blocked by the popup blocker, but the website still 'counts' this as a successful popup,
  • and sets a browser cookie to indicate it.
  • When you visit the website again, it reads the cookie and realize that a popup was shown recently, so it does not show popup anymore. It's not that popup was blocked and a notification wasn't shown, a popup wasn't there from the beginning.
  • When you clear browser cookies, the website thinks that you are a new visitor, and shows popups again.

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I am not having any issues with that particular website. I understand how it works. What I am reporting is that the notifications are not working in a way that will be satisfying to most users. How it functions now is going to be perceived as unexpected behaviors as reported in my first post.

Also, Adguard is not blocking flash content as I reported in my first post.

That particular site is absolutely over-loaded with many hacked pop-ups. So what I am seeing tells me the Adguard popup notifications and Flash blocking are not working - or not working as the typical user is going to expect based upon other notifications\alerts in security softs.