Possible filter/settings sync?


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Would it be possible to implement a syncing of user filters and perhaps settings between all devices such as a cloud service of our choosing, self hosting, or even p2p? I know you can export/import but it would be nice to only have to block on one area and it applies to all devices on the account on the fly.

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Yeah, they've been working on an AdGuard Sync feature for a couple years now, but work on it got sidetracked by CoreLibs development. Since CoreLibs has been integrated into the apps now, hopefully the Sync feature is added sooner than later. :)


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I so need this feature. I have tons of devices and I'd like to have sync to seamlessly have my custom filters applied everywhere.


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We fully understand the importance and convenience of this feature and are working on its development.
The point is that implementing this function is not as easy as it seems at first sight.
But it will certainly be added to our products :)


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Agreed it isn't easy, but this is the excuse you have been giving since 2016, surely something could have been implemented by now!!

Unless it is supposed to work and mine is broken in which case - help?
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